How many of you have dealt with dizziness, or vertigo in Miami? It really does stink, doesn’t it?

When I was 20, I began getting these strange dizzy spells where I’d feel like I was going up and down in an elevator. If I turned my head to one side, I’d be so dizzy, even while laying down in bed! It was horrible and I had every test under the sun performed.

Finally, I saw an ENT who explained the concept of benign positional vertigo and performed some tests on me. Sure enough, that’s what I had.
It wasn’t until I started under regular Chiropractic care that I finally found tremendous relief!

There are a few different types and reasons for vertigo, from dehydration to iron deficiency, to lacking diet. Benign positional vertigo (traditionally termed Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV)) is a bit different. It's really based on the position you’re in. Typically you’re not consistently dizzy only in certain head movements.

Vertigo Causes In Miami

So what happens? Let’s talk some anatomy (I love this stuff)

The Ears

Our ears have a tiny organ called vestibular labyrinth which has semicircular canals or loops. These canals contain fluid and extremely tiny hairlike sensors that monitor where your head is.

We also have otolith organs in the ear that monitor when we look up/down, turn side to side, etc. this monitor where our head is in regards to gravity! These organs have little crystals that make us sensitive to gravity. It’s when these crystals are dislodged or moved from where they’re supposed to be, which causes such dizziness!

This can happen for a few reasons;

  • moving or turning too fast
  • shape of ear

How You Can Feel Better

How to feel better? This is actually a very common problem that people complain about so we put this quick video together to show how Epley's maneuver helps! Richard has done this for me quite a few times until finally, I stopped experiencing them. I hope it can help someone here!