Toxin Free Toys

Toxin Free Toys

Our most vulnerable and most susceptible to toxins that we use are our kids and my biggest motivation on this toxin-free journey!

The first time around, I didn't know much about toxin-free toys in Miami but the more I learned, the better choices I am making with my second.

Yes, it can totally be overwhelming, trust me, I know! But my goal is to alleviate that and make this a go-to for all info!

What You Need to Avoid in Miami

Let's start with what to avoid:

  • Painted Wood - unless you know they are made in the USA or Europe (AVOID made in China toys as they contain lead which is banned in the USA!!!!)
  • Vinyl-Based/PVC Toys (due to the phthalates presence (search group for phthalate concerns or ask me to tag you!))
  • Plastic Toys or Single-Used Toys (typically the cheap ones)
  • Polyurethane Foam Products - typically contain flame retardant chemicals
  • Toys With Smell (usually those vinyl ones too)

**Even if they say BPA, they can still contain chemicals that disrupt hormones

Biggest Culprits

  • Children's Jewelry which may contain lead
  • Rubber Duckies (vinyl material)
  • Sidewalk Chalk (much better alternatives out there)
  • Play Foods (also made up of toxic chemicals)

Better Options

So what are some better options out there? I found this incredible guide on The TOT that I found helpful and that I will be using myself!

But here is their shortened list:

  • Opt for natural wooden toys.
  • Opt for soft cloth and plush toys (ideally organic).
  • Choose water-based, non-toxic paints.
  • Food-grade silicone is another safe alternative.
  • Books (except water-proof plastic ones) are always a safe and great choice.
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