Toxin-Free Candles

Toxin-Free Candles

I remember back in my past noncrunchy life I had alllll the toxic fall scented candles. Now they would give me a serious headache!

I grabbed a candle from Sealove in Miami and no headache! And not an overwhelming fragrance at all!

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Are you a candle lover? Need a cleaner alternate? Try these coconut & soy wax candles with natural cotton wicks; free of paraffin wax, palm wax, and dyes.

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  • Hand-poured in small batches by a sweet couple in Maine
  • 100% coconut and soy wax - which is renewable, sustainable, and biodegradable
  • Pure cotton wick for a clean burn, trim between uses to prevent smoke.
  • Phthalate-free scents that are safe for skin, babies, and pets
  • Glass containers that can be repurposed and refilled!!
  • Sustainable packaging - all recyclable materials

They offer:

  • An incredible price point for a toxin-free candle
  • Unique monthly subscription boxes with exclusive scents + free shipping
  • Wax Warmers & Melts
  • Gift sets
  • A wide array of options
  • A pour studio to make a custom candle if you’re local to them
  • Free shipping over $75
  • REFILLS.. You can drop all of your clean empty candle jar(s) to their scent boutique, have them refilled, and shipped back!