Who Loves Herbs?

Who Loves Herbs?

I’m a huge Thomas Keller fan and in his MasterClass course he said “if you're going to make a dish with dried herbs, you might as well not make the dish”!

So I’ve been doing a lot of cooking with real herbs in Miami and learning about how to grow and store them.

Meet my latest creation: chicken soup

Not very creative, but this pot is jam-packed with flavor and health benefits! Although I personally didn’t taste, it was a huge crowd-pleaser for my hubby!

Chicken Soup in Miami

Chiropractic Miami FL Chicken Soup With Fresh HerbsIngredients: (no need to measure, it’s more to your liking)

  • chicken
  • water to fill a few inches over chicken
  • one onion
  • plenty of black pepper
  • salt
  • rosemary
  • cilantro
  • sage
  • thyme

Place all ingredients in the pot, bring to a boil for about 10-15 min then lower the temperature for the herbs to really infuse

That’s it!!