Coffee Lovers

Coffee Lovers

With our debate yesterday, had to share this one! Do you ever go to bed
excited to wake up to your morning cup of coffee? If you do, it’s okay
because I do too!!🙌🏼

So I always like to give you guys the inside scoop on all my favorite
things, including coffee ❤️And yes, we have discussed coffee some before,
but why not again! It seems to be on ALL of our radars, especially when it's
dark outside for 2 hours after waking up lol.

Coffee has many great benefits:
✅Improved energy levels
✅Improve exercise performance
✅Help you burn more fat
✅Improve your attention
✅Help lower risks of Type 2 Diabetes

It can also majorly add to your body burden! How?

Coffee is actually the MOST chemically sprayed crop in the world!
And considering 100 million Americans drink coffee (and think about other
cultures too) and are not aware of this, it means body burden can be high!

When choosing a coffee, I always like to make sure of a few things.
Is it organic?
Is it fully pesticide-free (even organic pesticides)?
Is it single origin?
Is it mycotoxin free?
Has it been verified mold-free?

☝🏼These are all necessary to know to make sure what you are consuming
every single day isn’t loaded with the nasty stuff! Clean coffee not only
tastes better, but it also minimized the side effects like extra brain fog,
heartburn, more fatigue, and acidity problems.

Here is my review on the clean brands I do recommend!

Four Sigmatic
Has added mushrooms for adaptogenic properties- love the clean burn but
it’s not as dark tasting as others.

Great cup of coffee! Check off every question above which makes me
confident in my cup of Joe. Clean energy from it and nice and dark tasting.
There are multiple options for roasts available too!

Bulletproof Coffee (my main in-store go-to!)
This is the easiest one to find at stores and tastes great. However, it is
NOT organic. It IS mold-free and mycotoxin free, free of pesticides, but
not certified organic which is the main reason I choose LifeBoost when I