What Does Clean Smell Like?

What Does Clean Smell Like?

New Leaf Health & Wellness Living Miami FL Clean WeekWhat does something that's really clean smell like?

Bleach or chlorine? Spring lilies? Linen-fresh? That’s what I *always*


Really clean should be odorless- pure air has no smell at all! Smells can
be caused by toxic sources and just cover up the "stink".

Many manufacturers will add undisclosed fragrance blends to their products (which is always a huge warning sign 😫) and we have gotten so used to these fragrances and associated them with cleanliness. Unfortunately, I read that these chemical makeups of fragrance include phthalates and synthetic musks and have hormone-disrupting properties.

So what do we need to do? It's hard, I know, but avoid added fragrances that are undisclosed. The term "natural fragrance" is the same as "natural flavors"; it can mean over 3,000 different things that aren't necessarily good. Natural doesn't mean better!

Stick to products whose labels say, “fragrance-free.” Remove all sir fresheners with sickeningly strong "clean smells". Make your own cleaning remedies (there are so many concoctions and I'd love to share some if anyone is interested!

Remember, these fragrances really don't clean but mask odors! Clean is odorless!!

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