Vitamin D Is A Must Nowadays For Keeping Us Healthy

Vitamin D Is A Must

Benefits of Vitamin D in Miami FL

One of the most common vitamin deficiency in the U.S. is vitamin D, where it is believed that up to 90% lacking the needed amount. Ironically, the state with one of the highest rates in Florida! Those most prone to deficiencies in Vitamin D are darker skinned people and those who are overweight, as well as those who live in a region where there's a higher rate of less sun exposure.

This is very concerning because our Vitamin D level lets us know how healthy our immune system is and its ability to fight disease and cancers. A deficiency in it increases the chance of autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases and common cancers!

Back to Basics - what is Vitamin D exactly?

It's a vital fat-soluble vitamin that’s made and stored in the liver and fatty tissues, so the more fat in the body, the more likely the vitamin D will be soaked up by fat and less likely to perform it's functions.

The BEST way to increase vitamin D levels is to get outside! The body uses the sun's rays, turns it into chemicals called 7-dehydrocholesterol that convert into vitamin D3 (the best form of vitamin D). The process gets more intricate but essentially vitamin D becomes a precursor to a steroid hormone that affects many systems in our body: blood pressure, immunity, mood, brain function and cancer-fighting.

The darker you are, the longer you need to be outside, about 45 minutes without sunscreen, since darker skin means added protection from sun. Lighter skinned people only need about 10-15 minutes without sunscreen.

Aside from sitting in the sun, we could supplement but the right type of supplement is very important to invest in. Most vitamin-D fortified foods don't contain the D3 that we need. Foods such as Fish, mushrooms, Cod Liver Oil, eggs, raw milk, and sardines contain a great amount of vitamin-D.

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