Tips To Work Well From Home

Tips To Work Well
From Home

Chiropractic Miami FL Working From Home During COVID-19Some of us have dreamed about the chance to work from home. You can skip the traffic, see your kids, make your own hours, etc. there are so many benefits to it! But many people, now that they have to (or are blessed to) had to make some changes in their home environment to be productive. I've been working from home full time since October 2019, and here are some things that have helped me stay productive, while balancing the needs of work, family, and health. Its not always easy but with a little bit of planning it really is such a blessing!

Here are my top tips:

TIP #1: CREATE A Functional Space

If you are able to have a place or room dedicated to your office, use it! Even little nooks can be very functional if organized well. Set up your workstation where you have everything you need and keep it organized and tidy. Research has actually shown that messiness and clutter decreases productivity. A small filing cabinet might do the trick. Never leave papers and clutter lying around, it will confuse your work. If you don't have a separate space, keep everything organized in a briefcase or bag after your done using it.

Tip #2: Time Block/Schedule

If you have kids, you know how important this is. Nothing is worse than feeling guilty for checking your social media or emails when your kids are so desperately wanting you. Since much of my work is related to my social media and my logging in to my Chiropractic office to look at accounts and files, I can really get sucked into this. That's why this is so important for me.

Since I know my son wakes up around 7:30am, I get up around 5:30am to get a good chunk of work done. I allow him about 30 minutes of educational television until about 8am then I turn off my computer. At that time, when he's ready for breakfast and the baby wakes up, I'm all theirs. If they take naps, I might get some extra work done as well but I try to limit my phone usage around them as much as possible.

***Make a list the night before of everything you need to do the next morning so you don't forget it. I absolutely LOVE checking off a to-do list


As a Chiropractor, I really have to dig into this one. When working from home, it's tempting to work from your bed or lying on your stomach or the couch. But these positions can really affect your posture, the alignment of your spine and the nerves that exit at each level of the spine. This is not the time for you to develop the issues associated since our biggest aim and goal is to stay h*e*a*l*t*h*y

If you can, use a mouse, keyboard and monitor or at least prop your laptop at eye level (you can use books for this) on a table and cushion your wrists to avoid wrist discomfort. Keep your back nice and straight to avoid hunching over, which causes neck discomfort, eye strain and back pain. A yoga ball is excellent if you need to remain sitting, as it works out the core and forces you into good posture.


Working near a window is so relaxing, allowing you to maintain good energy and peace throughout your work time. If you can't have an outdoor view, take little breaks to get outside in the fresh air. Fresh air actually increases energy while decreasing air pollution, PFAs, dust and CO2. Getting FRESH AIR to your lungs is also a powerful way to boost immunity and keep lungs healthy!!

TIP #5 PREPARE Healthy Snacks

This can be tough as snacking is so easy and tempting to do when your home. A good trick is not to allow the junk in your home in the first place if you and your kids need to cut them out. Also buying and cutting fruits and veggies, making your own meals filled with protein, healthy fats and filling fibers are important to decrease snack attacks. Also limit coffee and sugar intake which will feed anxiety and sleep issues.

Other Tips:

  • Limit EMF exposure (see previous posts on this)
  • Avoid having laptops and other work things in your so you don't associate your tranquil room with work
  • Get moving and exercise at least 20 min per day, outside if you can but if not, blast some music and dance!
  • Since your working from home, you never really "leave" the office so take time to decompress for the day
  • Remember that this is the time to build up good habits so create new ones!