Success Is In The Mess

Success Is In The Mess

Success Is In The Mess Wellness MamaI'm not sure where I heard this phrase but it has changed my life and outlook on motherhood! I absolutely love everything about being a mama. It's not easy, as many of you know, but oh do sweet.

One of the things I struggled with most, however, is learning that I can't prevent my kids from making messes. I'm an organization snob and thrive on things bring clean and in place all.the.time. I can't sleep on my bed if a t-shirt is on it. Messes give me anxiety!

I had a LOT to learn y'all (there's my 3 years of Georgia living). Like how is it for every one toy I put away, 4565 others appear around the house? How is it that when I carefully spoon feed my 11 month old, her food still ends up in her hair and caked on her clothes? Kids! I'd catch myself cleaning literally all day long and I was tired.

Then I heard this phrase and it hit me. In this season of life, kids thrive on playing, using their hands and making "messes", for its in this mess that they grow and learn. And most of all being with mommy and daddy. I'm missing all of that when I freak out about the mess and worry about cleaning it all. So what that it's not sparkling perfect?

So what if tonight, both kids are bathing in the outside pool?

I think our experienced mamas can tell us to embrace the sticky hugs and messy kisses because one day, our messy babies will be grown and have their own families and messes to learn with. And we will have plenty of time to clean up then

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