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This page is dedicated to sharing as much research and knowledge on living healthier, toxin-free lives!

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I would love for you all to reach out as much as you want, ask questions, share ideas, and please feel free to invite others who might love the same information! If there is ever anything you have a question on, reach out to me and I will make a post for you or give you as best of an answer as I can get!

Here are my resources for you. You can find any of these by searching at the top, the search bar but if you cannot find it, please reach out to me to tag you on the lists!

Here is an AMAZING resource with my top toxin-free product recommendations. It covers everything from beauty care products, cleaning products, feminine care products, and MORE! Refer to this document often!

Download it HERE.

I wanted to share a resource list of all the toxin-free products we use in our home, as well as some recommendations from several of my conscious mama friends (who share the same safety and performance standards)! I will say - of all the products in our home, I am most confident about the safety of my makeup and skincare.

As this group grows, there will be more recommendations and resources available - so use the search bar and type in keywords to continue expanding your lists! Let me know if I am missing something!

  • Makeup - available on crunchi.com/sherryrosado
  • Makeup Remover - Norwex cloth, Jojoba oil (love jojoba oil!!), Crunchi Charcoal Facial Soap
  • Face Wash - Charcoal Facial Bar & Gentle Facial Bar - available on my website
  • Body Wash - Crunchi Exfoliating Body Bar - available on my website, Dr. Bronner's
  • Facial Moisturizer/Daily Moisturizer - Crunchi’s Daylight - available on my website
  • Night Cream - Crunchi’s Nightlight, available on my website
  • Facial SPF - Crunchi’s Sunlight, available on my website
  • Body Sunscreen - Poofy Organics, Badger, carrot or red raspberry seed oil, Thinkbaby/sport
  • Body Lotion - Dr. Bronners, Earth Mama Organics, Poofy Organics
  • Lotion - Dr. Bronners, Nourish Organic, homemade salves, Pure Haven, Poofy Organics, Nightlight by Crunchi
  • Body Butter - Skin Foodie on Etsy or pure coconut oil
  • Sunless Tanner - Chocolate Sun (Amazon)
  • Shampoos - Evolvh, Carina Organics, Hairprint (coupon on group), Poofy Organics, Crunchi's Body Bar
  • Dry Shampoo - Innersense, Homemade/ Crunchi's Setting Powder with Cacao
  • Hairspray - Innersense, Poofy Organics
  • Heat Protectant - Feed Your Ends, Honest Beauty, argan oil
  • Hair Color - Hairprint
  • Shaving Cream- Dr. Bronner's, Crunchi’s Charcoal body bar
  • Feminine Products - Menstrual Cup, Lola, Thinx
  • Kid's Products - Homemade, Poofy Organics, Earth Mama
  • Baby Wipes - Jackson Reece
  • Deodorant - Primally Pure, Underarmed, Primal Pit Paste, Piper Wai, Smiley Pits, Vermont Soap
  • Armpit Detox - Bentonite Clay & Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Toothpaste - Uncle Harry's, Dr. Bronner's, Primal Life, Dr. Brite
  • Mouth Rinse - Uncle Harry's, Dr. Brite
  • Oil Pulling - Coconut oil
  • Teeth Whitening - Dr. Brite, homemade turmeric or baking soda
  • Lipbalm/Chapstick - Homemade, Badger, Dr. Bronner's, Poofy Organics, Pure Haven
  • Men’s Hair Styling - Poofy Organics, Chronos and Creed, Coconut oil/Shea, John Master's
  • Men's Beard Oil - Chronos and Creed
  • Perfume - Skylar, Essential oils
  • Nail Polish - Ella+Mila, Karma (available on Amazon), Poofy Organics
  • Nail Polish Remover - Karma, Poofy Organics
  • Bug Spray - Poofy Organics, homemade, Badger, Pure Haven, Greenerway
  • Dish Soap - Attitude, EcoMe, Branch Basics, Dr. Bronner's, Poofy Organics
  • Laundry Detergent - Buckaroo Organics, Molly Suds, Branch Basics, Norwex powder, Soapberry Soap Nuts, white vinegar, and essential oils
  • Spot Cleaner - baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, My Green Fills, Pure Haven, Sal Suds
  • Cleaning Supplies - steamer, vinegar, baking soda, Norwex cloths, Branch Basics
  • Home Cleaning Products - Branch Basics
  • Candles - SeaLoveCandles.com (use NEWLEAF10 at checkout for 10% off!)

Advice and recommendations given in this group are at the reader’s sole discretion and risk. You should see YOUR own qualified, licensed doctor before beginning any diet, nutritional, or aromatherapy program. Information presented here is not to be interpreted as an attempt to prescribe or practice medicine. Statements and information in this group have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. No product offerings or services are intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.

Crunchi is a revolutionary line of high performance, safe, and toxin-free cosmetics that is redefining beauty. I am extremely passionate about sharing the green beauty movement. You can find all of the toxin-free cosmetics I use and recommend HERE.

Here is an extensive list of blacklisted ingredients. SAVE THIS PHOTO as a favorite on your phone!!! This will help you become an ingredient detective. You can also utilize the search bar to find details about a particular ingredient.

Download both of these free resources from the App Store! Think Dirty App & EWG App - They are great resources to give you an idea of how good or bad a product is rated. These apps are not perfect but it is a food starting point if you are new to reading labels. It's best to compare ingredients with the blacklisted ingredient cheatsheet. You can also search for ingredients on the EWG Skindeep website.

I have comparison charts with a lot of popular makeup and skincare brands. If you'd like to know how your products rate, I'd be happy to check them out for you. I encourage ALL of you to take a look at the blacklisted ingredients in the makeup and skincare you're currently using! A lot of them are hormone disruptors and even carcinogenic.

We've talked about just about everything! If you don't see something you're looking for, let me know and I'll work on a post! Some other popular topics you may find helpful.. sunscreen, skincare, tampons, condoms, feminine wash, detox bath, razors, bras, dry brushing, mouthwash, floss, food storage, cookware, recipes.

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